To the Miller City and New Cleveland Communities

To the Miller City and New Cleveland Communities:

In this past Sunday’s edition of the Lima News, a posting of area school districts’ 2016-17 top-ten wage-earner tables appeared.  Unfortunately, the information listed for our district was very inaccurate. Instead of requesting the wage information from each district’s treasurers as in years past, The Lima News chose to mine the wage information from the Ohio Treasurer’s Office website. This is what led to posting the wrong wage information. To its credit, the Lima News recognized this error and printed a retraction in Tuesday’s edition. That retraction is linked here:

The correct information will appear in this coming Sunday’s Lima News edition. Naturally, questions and concerns arose from the original posting as they should had those numbers been correct. I can assure you, however, that the Miller City-New Cleveland Board of Education and the school administration highly value and hold important the idea of fiscal responsibility. The Board and administration will continue to act responsibly in this area as we have done to this point in time.

With that being said, I encourage anyone with any questions regarding the current financial outlook of the district to contact me at the school 419-876-3173.


Kerry D. Johnson
Superintendent/HS Principal
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