Directions for Entering your Physical Information

Due to regulations handed down by the OHSAA, all student athletes MUST submit their physical information to a designated (secure) website prior to participating in any OHSAA sanctioned sports. The following steps are a guide to help you navigate this site and enter your child’s physical information BEFORE having their physical exam.

Step #1: Enter the following web address or follow the link PrivIT Account on the right hand side of the page.

Step #2: Select the “Register” button to access the registration page. Enter all information as designated. Click on the Register button to complete the page.

Step #3: The next page will ask for your consent, please feel free to read the terms and conditions and consent by entering your name and initials as an e-signature. Click Submit button.

Step#4: More terms, conditions and a Privacy Statement will appear; scroll to the bottom after reading and click done.

Step#5: You are now at our school home page. From here you can join teams and also enter your Physical and medical information. Please enter all information that is necessary and select all teams your son and/or daughter(s) plan to participate with during the 2019-2020 school year. Even if you are on the fence about a sport, you should select it or you can always do so later.  The password for all sports is “wildcats”.

This process has been contemplated by the OHSAA for over a decade and will be used exclusively the following year. The OHSAA has assured all Athletic Administrators that this is a secure site and is capable of keeping your son’s or daughter’s information private. Remember, this process is to be done prior to the physical exam, and you should print off the medical information from this site in order to present it to the Doctor administering your physical in place of the physical form previously provided to you by the school. You MUST bring this document to your physical exam and then turn it in to the Athletic Director or office.

Thank You
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